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Please call (603) 893-8300 ext. 0# to make reservations. Space is limited.

Flashlights are required for all after-hours events.
If you do not have a flashlight, we will have some available for sale in the gift shop. You will not be allowed to participate without a flashlight. (Sorry, smartphones are not flashlights.)

October 25th: Night Time Paranormal Investigation with CNHPS - FULL
Runs from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Central New Hampshire Paranormal Society is a scientific and spiritual team. The team loves to educate the public on the meaning of the paranormal. They have investigated some of the most haunted locations in New England and as far out as West Virginia. The team hopes to open your mind to life after death and teach you more about the paranormal. It will be an interesting night for those who believe, and for those non-believers, you might just become believers by night's end. Please bring flashlights, cameras, and any other equipment you may already have. $30.00 per person, reservations are required.

November 1st (Day of the Dead): Spirit Walk with Tim Derr - FULL
Runs from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Come walk among a 4,000 year old archaeological site to communicate with and feel the spirits and energy of the ancient people that once lived or visited this mysterious place. Feel the spirits and energy of the land, the rocks, the trees, etc., and other spirits that may be present. Almost everything contains spirit. Learn how to communicate with these spirits, and spirits that have passed on, using the ancient method of dowsing. If you like, you may bring EMF or other meters/devices for detection of spirit energy, but the main focus of the spirit walk will be spirit communication using dowsing methods. This is not a ghost walk/investigation. $20.00 per person, reservations are required.

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