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Sunday, September 22nd, 2013
Ritual starts at 2:00 pm

The Fall Equinox marks a moment of balance, when the sun rises opposite from where it sets allowing night and day to be equal in length, after which the nights become longer again.  Balance is what is continuously sought, yet when acquired it pushes all to the next level of evolution.  Life is a constant, falling in and out of balance.  The Fall Equinox holds the balance between light and darkness, harvest and sacrifice, receiving and giving, the inner and outer world, and life and death.

We live in a world where either all is sacred or nothing is sacred.  The forces of the universe do not see right or wrong it only keeps evolving in the direction it sets out.  We have conscious awareness and can assist in the process to shift things in a different direction.  We look at the seeds we planted, which seeds grew and which did not and of the fruits that grew which seeds will we save and plant in the future and which ones we have to chew on, fully digest, and learn from?  All these seeds have value as they have a story about a juncture in our lives that is giving us new information for our next choice.

The intention for this ritual is to look at your seeds you have planted in this year’s growing season and which ones took off and provided the fruits that began to feed many.  Which seeds ran up against your own limitations and beliefs, and did not come to flower?  Which seeds are you excited about and will you continue to plant in the fertile soil of the shifting paradigm that allows you to be more of you and serves the rising consciousness?

 The preparation and what to bring:

- Get two life sticks of about ½ inch diameter and the length of your under arm from your wrist to your elbow.  With colorful natural yarn (wool, silk or cotton) begin wrapping the stick, in your own unique way that creates beauty with either one of more colors, while giving thanks to the one stick for all the feelings, blocks, limitations, judgments, and beliefs that did not bring your fruit to fruition.  The second stick you give thanks for all the feelings, knowing, choices, and flow that allowed that seed to come to fruit.

- Get a piece of green cotton or other natural decomposable green fabric of about 10 inches square that you create a symbol of your success fruit/harvest on.  We want the cloth to have story and particularly the signature of your success story.

- Bring a seed that symbolizes what you are excited about that you want to continue to plant.

- Bring a symbolic fruit that expresses what has come to harvest for you.

- Bring flowers to feed the spirit world.

- And bring drums if you have them.  Bring your own water and a potluck dish to share for after the ritual.  Please bring your own plate, flatware and cup.                      

Katja Esser and friends guides you through this highly participatory ritual. According to the Dagara people in West Africa we are now in a nature year.  Nature is all about change and transformation.  It calls us to our authenticity.  It pushes us to go beyond the literal, the polarity, and limitations and enter the world of magic where all is possible.  It calls us to work in cooperation with nature, find our allies, and uncover the unedited version of us.  It taps into the imaginal creative force to manifest anything.

Cost:  America’s Stonehenge is privately owned but is open to the public. The entry fee is $11 for adults (check for detailed rates).  In addition there is a suggested $5 donation per adult at the ritual site to cover expenses.  America’s Stonehenge stays open till sunset on the Equinox. Bring a friend and please pass this information on.

For more info contact Katja:
(617)365 4024

Katja Esser is an inspirational artist, mask and costume designer, ritualist, teacher, photographer, and performer. She has exhibited her work in the Netherlands, New York and Boston. Katja has studied different forms of movement and voice. She has created sacred ceremonies for the seasons since 1992 for small and large groups of people of which the summer solstice at America’s Stonehenge is most well known. She is very involved in African based spirituality with Malidoma Somé and the East Coast Village which has brought her to Africa a few times.  She draws from a variety of great teachers such as Martin Prechtel and Emilie Conrad. Katja creates rituals and gives talks at colleges and universities. Katja has sung with Bonesong, an improvisational sacred singing quartet that sings in a cave. She performs with the Theater Behind The Mask in schools through Young Audiences and at First Night. She created a performance around ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ with Ricardo Frota in which she appears in a full tree costume that took her a year and half to make. Katja launched last year her Apprenticeship program ‘Courting the Living World’ in which participants activate their intimate connection to self and planet.  Katja has an extensive website www.ritualexpressions.com at which her work can be viewed.

 Physical address: 105 Haverhill Road | Salem, NH 03079
 Mailing address: P.O. Box 84 | North Salem, NH 03073
 Phone: (603) 893-8300 | E-mail: info@stonehengeusa.com